Rav Twersky on kavana betefilla is up, go to the Vaad Bnei Aliya Bloghttp://vaadba.blogspot.com/

After much feedback the format of the vaad has changed over to a Blog: http://vaadba.blogspot.com/As of now the videos have been moved (posted) and the content will slowly move over.The reason for the move is that a blog will be easier for you to keep up with without relying on my emails and will free you from wikispace junk. The comment space will be used for you to add content and I will gather from the comments at the end of an avoda into a amalgamated post. I will build a archive system to help for going back to old vaads. This is still a project in progress and your feedback is appreciated, as you see. *Please sign up to follow over there at the blog so that we can create the sense of a communal vaad*Adar Sameach, Rav Ezra